Synthetic traffic data for AI

Syntra is your one-click source for synthetic traffic data "Made in Germany". We accelerate artificial intelligence for mobility. From traffic cameras to autonomous cars.

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Scalable AI needs synthetic data

The training, testing and benchmarking of Artificial Intelligence requires high quality data. Obtaining the right data for your specific task is not easy. Simulation is the key towards AI at scale. Syntra provides a pipeline which enables you to produce and download exactly the data you need within seconds.
Easy to use web app

We provide an easy to use interface. From setting the parameters to downloading your customized data set. No training required.

The vehicles you need

Can´t find a representative data set for e-scooters? No problem. Syntra enables you to integrate new vehicles types in no time.

Custom parameters

Easily customize the visual data set to your needs. Add obstructions, lighting or rain. We offer you all parameters to make it happen.

Realistic trajectories

Syntra was developed with many use-cases in mind. We make sure that the vehicles adher to realistic trajectories.

Validated quality

Our innovative algorithms ensures the usability of the synthetic data for your AI workflow.

Fast and 100% Green

We make use of an efficient architecture which only requires minimal computing power and lightning fast speed.

We are backed by the best in the industry

The foundation of Syntra is state-of-the-art research in the AI space. With Syntra we are bringin together findings from several research projects connected to the use of synthetic data for AI.